The mission of Hope Center for Children (HCFC) is to build stable, healthy families and to provide children a safe place from abuse and neglect. HCFC is the result of a 2013 merger between two organizations with histories of providing residential care for children in foster care, The Ellen Hines Smith Girls’ Home and the Children’s Shelter of the Upstate. These two strong organizations merged to form Hope Center for Children, resulting in a pooling of resources to provide a wider continuum of services for children and families in Spartanburg and the surrounding areas. This name captures the heart of each program: providing hope to children and families. Since the merger, HCFC has continued to expand services, and today six cohesive programs fulfill the mission. All six programs use evidence-based and/or evidence-informed models, yielding outstanding annual outcomes.  

Our Staff

Vernon Hayes

Chief Executive Officer

(864) 583-7688 x138

Susan Burgess

Chief Financial Officer

(864) 583-7688 x125

Constance Keener

Director of Programs

(864) 583-7688 x145

Kate Brown

Volunteer and Social Media Coordinator
(864) 583-7688 x153

Riley Brown

Faucette House Care Coordinator
(864) 583-7688 x121

Michaela Cox

Director of Clinical Support Services
(864) 542-5978

Beth Ecxford

Facilities and Safety Supervisor
(864) 583-7688 x124

Madison Grice

Faucette House Child Advocate
(864) 542-6092

Brandi Hamrick

Communications Coordinator
(864) 583-7688 x127

Melissa Keith

Anchor House Supervisor
(864) 590-0025

Amy Norville

Human Resources Manager
(864) 583-7688 x136

Angela Talley Robinson

Healthy Families Initiative Director
(864) 583-7688 x151

Phyliss Skuba

Development Associate
(864) 583-7688 x102

Dallys Sims

Positive Parenting Program Supervisor
(864) 583-7688 x122

Ushela Smith

PQI Coordinator
(864) 583-7688 x103

Latrice Thompson-Chapman

Transitional Living Program Supervisor
(864) 814-9432

Kathleen Turner

FRCPS Case Coordinator
(864) 641-5717

Board of Directors

  • Wendy Griffith, Chair
  • Nan Dempsey, Secretary
  • Daniel Ebin, Treasurer
  • Jody Babb
  • Corey Carson
  • Alan Jenkins
  • Lichelle Jones-Wilkins
  • Hays Keadle, Jr.
  • Renee Klein
  • Elizabeth McCown
  • Angela Myers
  • Amit Patel
  • Elizabeth Poirier
  • Cherie Pressley
  • Taylor Smith
  • Julie Thompson
  • Mac White

Help Us Protect Children and Support Families