Hope Center for Children is committed to meeting a range of child and family needs. We believe that the best way to make sure children in our community thrive, is to equip parents or caregivers with the tools and support they need to overcome barriers and to teach strong values and life skills to their children. Some of our programs offer this support, working with the whole family. However, for a small number of children, when home is not safe for them, we provide around-the-clock care and teaching to make sure they are successful. All six of our programs use evidence-based and/or evidence-informed models, yielding outstanding annual outcomes. Our menu of services allows parents and referral sources to decide what makes sense for them, and ensures that above all, we have a community where children are ensured love and safety.

Positive Parenting
Program (Triple P)

Clinical Support

Family Resource Connection and Preservation Services (FRCPS)



Transitional Living

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