Clinical Support Services

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Office location: 115 Southport Rd, Unit J, Spartanburg, SC 29306

Offers mental health counseling to anyone in the community, with the main focus on working to heal child abuse and trauma.

Hope Center for Children strives to provide child welfare services through residential and community-based prevention work. We have recognized the growing and continuous need to provide children and families with the tools and training needed to build healthy, stable families. Our therapeutic programs are designed to address trauma and mental health concerns that may be difficult to overcome without proper counseling and guidance. Our therapeutic programs have afforded us the opportunity to positively enhance the lives of our clients by providing individuals and families with the skills and training needed to facilitate continuous growth and development during therapy and after therapy has ended.

Community Therapeutic Services

Our community-based therapeutic services aim to provide appropriate mental health services to children and families within the community. The goal is to provide services that will improve the well being of clients and families. Services are geared toward, but not limited to: assisting clients with the knowledge needed to understand and process trauma, maintain mental health stability, improve coping skills and self-regulation, and promote motivation and hope during the healing journey.

Sessions will be provided in a welcoming yet professional setting and treatment will be centered around the individual needs of the client and/or family. Payment for services will be based on each family’s ability to pay including options for payment through Medicaid.

Residential Therapeutic Services

Residential therapeutic services are offered to children and youth residing in one of our three residential homes (Faucette House, Anchor House, or Transitional Living). For many of our youth, entering into a residential home can be a very traumatizing experience. All children entering into a residential program will have the opportunity to meet with a Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts (LPHA) for an assessment and possible therapeutic services after a consent to treat and disclosure statement has been signed by the child’s guardian. The goal is to provide in-house, trauma-informed therapeutic services to all children in need. Services provided will address trauma and mental health concerns associated with child abuse or neglect.

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