Covid-19 is impacting us all, and as we are adjusting to a new normal,  there are many stressful situations surfacing each day. There is a direct correlation between abuse and neglect and families who are facing financial stress and other stress factors in the home. There IS a place for help and ways to impact this dangerous side effect. Hope Center for Children is here to provide for those families so that children can be protected from unthinkable tragedy. Hope Center for Children is here to ensure that our community’s children have long-lasting safety, not long-lasting trauma. We continue to build stable, healthy families by providing evidence-based prevention programs and community resources.

Giving Tuesday has launched a new day of giving as an emergency response to the unprecedented need brought on by COVID-19. Help us overcome during Covid-19 and bring prevention services to another family in our community by donating on May 5 for Giving Tuesday Now. Just $10 will provide program materials for one family.  

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